Amber Naturalz Canine-DT Brain and Neurological Support

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  • Canine-DT (aka Canine Distempaid) is an herbal blend designed to help maintain a healthy brain, nerves, and muscles throughout the body.

    • Canine-DT is a natural blend of herbs that helps support: Normal behavior patterns, Normal body functions, and Normal brain and nerve functions
    • Canine-DT is formulated to support the portion of the brain that controls involuntary muscles throughout the body


    Canine-DT (aka Canine Distempaid) contains:
         “Proprietary blend of (Mistletoe 1,3, Tansey 1,3,4, Blue Vervain 1,3) 29 mg"
              Anise Seed 1,3,4   35 mg
              Thyme Leaf 1,3     20mg
              Skullcap 2,3         11mg
    Inactive Ingredients: Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol USP 21% by volume 1,3



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