Amber Naturalz Catizol Simply Comfort

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  • Catizol is a natural blend designed to help cats with discomfort due to normal daily activities.  It may help with occasional discomfort associated with:

    • Head
    • Back
    • Nerve
    • Body

    These occasional aches from normal bodily activities may lead to physical and metal stress. Catizol helps to maintain physical and mental well being in your feline. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.


    Active Ingredients per ml

    Active Ingredients per ml
    “Proprietary Blend of (Yucca Root 2,3,4, Devil’s Club Root & Bark 2,3,4) 183 mg.”

    Inactive Ingredients
    Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol USP 21% by volume 1,3


    1-Organic  2-Wildcrafted  3-Non-GMO  4-Kosher



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